Worship Leader Wanted

Phoenix Christian Reformed Church is looking to fill the position of worship leader for our Sunday morning service

More Information

Phoenix Christian Reformed Church Worship Leader: Job description

1. Time: Paid, part time (church/home)

  •  One Service (AM)

2. Requirements:

  • Background in music

3. Order of service construction

  • Coordinate selected songs with Sunday musicians (see below)
    • Email is typical once list is finalized
  • Coordinate selected songs with PowerPoint construction team
    • It is not the worship leaders job to create the PowerPoint for the worship service
    • Email list / lyrics once list is finalized is typical
  • Coordinate selected songs with secretary
    • Songs must be sent typically noon Thursday for the bulletin
    • Email is typical once list is finalized
  • Coordinate selected songs with Pastor
    • Sermon topic/script picked by pastor by end of day Tuesday
    • Emailing selected songs to Pastor is typical
  • Select songs (typically 6-7) that correspond with the pastor’s chosen scripture passage and sermon topic.

4. Coordinate/Lead Sunday morning music

  • Coordinate a piano player
    • PCRC has 3 potential piano players (Norma V, Mark J, Nathan G)
  • Coordinate praise team singers
    • There are usually four Sundays each month, so create a schedule where certain musicians participate on a particular week(s) of the month. The musicians will be responsible for finding a substitute if they cannot participate on their scheduled Sunday.
  • Coordinate praise team practice
    • 3 – 4 Sundays per month
    • Make sure musician (Piano/Praise team) binders filled with selected songs
    • Lead practice:  Sunday morning 8:15am
    • Put away musician music after the morning service
  • Coordinate with the praise band (keyboard, guitar & drums)
    • One Sunday per month
  • Coordinate special music
    • Arrange special music from time to time (ex. choir sing, bell choir play, having the praise band play, putting a duet, trio, or quartet together, special accompanist – guitar, flute)
    • The congregation especially enjoys special music for holiday services (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter). 

5. [Optional] Direct musical groups

  • PCRC has a vocal choir and a bell choir.
  • The music director is highly encouraged to lead and direct these groups in rehearsals and in service participation.